Shannon Knight is a London based jewellery designer and master modelmaker, originally from Providence, Rhode Island, where she studied metalsmithing and lost wax casting. Upon graduating from the Jewelry Institute, she worked for several fashion jewellery design houses as a modelmaker and a designer. 


After gaining several years of experience in every phase of production, she decided to establish a freelance jewellery design and prototyping business. This led to a 3 year residence in Hamburg, Germany designing for a large label.


A Prague summer in the 90's spent with free spirits of former Eastern block countries led, amidst the electric atmosphere and unique architectural details, to discoveries which informed the aesthetic of Shannon's newly established sterling silver jewellery collection. 


Shannon's background in hand carving prototypes, working with precious metals and a long standing interest in gemstone setting led her to apply for an apprenticeship in Micro Pave, generously funded by the Queen Elisabeth Scholarship Trust in 2016. This allowed her the opportunity to study under an award winning optical diamond setter, Jessica Poole, mastering a technique requiring precision and accuracy to one tenth of a millimetre.


Drawing from traditional craftsmanship and new technology, and combined with recently completed training, Shannon is excited to unveil a new range in the near future with an expanded palette of coloured gemstones.